Giving to the ARK with Mission Fish

MissionFish is the exclusive charity solution provider for eBay Giving Works. To ensure that the giving process is transparent and completed as intended, we verify that nonprofits are eligible for the program and power the nonprofit directory; collect and disburse sellers' donations; provide sellers with tax receipts; and track sellers' donations online. We also provide reporting tools for tracking donations for both nonprofits and sellers.

eBay Giving Works is the dedicated program for charity listings on eBay. eBay Giving Works items are marked with a charity ribbon Giving Works Ribbon and contain the giving bar which help make them stand out from other eBay items. The Giving Works team helps promote charity listings on eBay and encourages eBay sellers to donate some or all of their sales proceeds through eBay Giving Works. Click on the eBay logo below to see the current auctions benefiting the ARK, and if you would like to sign up and sell things on eBay to benefit the ARK, please click on the Mission Fish logo to sign up for an account!